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Los Angeles based VeroFoto photography is both dynamic and fun. They are ready to travel with you anywhere and be the creative that captures your event beautifully. You can almost hear the music, smell the flowers, taste the champagne, and feel the laughter and excitement bubbling up inside as you view their amazing portfolio of work. Whether an engagement session, wedding photography, maternity shoot, family portrait, corporate event, or good ole’ rock and roll band image, VeroFoto is good to go!
Founded in 2000 by Veronica Puleo, a true artist at heart, this “Jersey Girl” has been entertaining since the age of 7. Graduated from William Patterson University, she went from Rock and Roll lead singer to jumping rocks and rolling in the bushes with her Nikon. Veronica is in constant search for those images that are going to best tell the story, like windows into a world of spontaneity and celebration they will leave you wishing you were there. The journalistic style at VeroFoto has been described as extraordinary and pure genius.
It is the connection Veronica creates with her clients that is a huge part of her success, it is the unique relationship she enters with her subjects that allows her the ability to tease the star quality right out of them. At VeroFoto the photographs sparkle with vitality and in our hands the image is not just true, it’s beautiful. VeroFoto = True Image. Send us a quick email and let’s connect.


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