Keanna and Rob are expecting … and I could not be more honored that they called me, VeroFoto, to capture their happiness before their son arrives. 

I did Keanna’s boudoir session before her wedding at The London Hotel in West Hollywood a few years ago and it really meant the world that she thought of me during this really special time of her life.

Portrait sessions of any kind are my specialty. But I particularly love Boudoir and Maternity shoots. It takes a good rapport and a high level of trust from the client to pull these kinds of photo sessions off smoothly. 

Leo Carrillo State Beach

We met at the majestic Leo Carrillo State Beach where Keanna had her 3 costume changes and brought a few poses from her boudoir session to her maternity shoot. She remembered me saying “even the toes have to pose” … in others words, point your toes. It just looks sexier and more refined to finish the line of the body with a pointed toe. 

However, when we were not posing, she was really relaxed and just went with the flow of it all and had fun! That’s the key. Just let it go and have a wonderful time with your photographer like Keanna did with me. 

Family Portraits

Yes … That’s the next step for Keanna, Rob, and VeroFoto. I look forward to meeting their little guy in the future and capturing the three of them together. 

I love my photography life. There are families I’ve photographed for over 18 years. To see their kids grow up in front of my lens is indescribable. It just feels so damn awesome to be a part of that journey in some way. Again, I use the word “honored”. I’m also full of gratitude.

Side Note – Children’s Portraits

I love photographing children. However, New Born Photography is not my area of expertise. I’ve tried it, and I’ve done a decent job, but I’d rather leave those sessions to the geniuses who have it all down to a science. 

When your child is crawling and starting to walk, call me! I’m on it! 


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